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Eidolon Update

So I got my G19 sized Eidolon holster in and decided to try a few different setups.  I tried the setup first like Kyle Defoor posted, and the front belt thing did not work out for me, so I took it off.  I did however move the plastic clips down a bit (to push the gun higher up for a more positive master grip) and kept the rubber wedge.  It seems to work pretty well and is way more comfortable than any other setup I have tried.  The above two pictures reflect how I will be carrying it for the time being.  It is much more comfortable than the full-size G17 version, as it does not dig into my thigh.  I do not wear it traditional 12 o'clock, I carry it at around 1:30ish at a slight angle, but this setup gives me the master grip without having to cant it and the rubber wedge pushes it against my body to prevent printing. 
(Click read more below to read about an issue I found)

One issue that I found with the Eidolon is that if you tighten the screws to the rubber wedge too tight (I did this twice without realizing).

You might be thinking, just put pressure on it from the bottom and use some elbow grease and it'll come out.  Tried that, it ain't coming out.  I got one out because I was able to get a set of small pliers inside underneath to get a good hold on it.  But the way the holster is designed I can't seem to get the set of pliers I have inside there to get enough meat of the screw to hold it long enough to get it off.  I will try to find a smaller set of pliers and if that doesn't work I'll drill the screw out since the holster is riveted together at the trigger-guard and cannot be taken apart without breaking it.  Just bringing it up so that people don't have the same issue.