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Seek Thermal

I purchased the Seek Thermal Android add-on device recently when it came out.  I purchased this one specifically because it is half the price of the iphone add-on and is for the Android OS.  I figured it would be a good way to see what parts of a firearm are hot (and at what temp) after shooting, for testing purposes as well as general thermal imaging and fun.

I quickly found out that I will have a bit of a problem with my Samsung Galaxy S5 since it has a plastic door/cover over the micro USB port making it a pain to use.  

So I went ahead and purchased a USB Micro male to female OTG extension cable.  Which extends the connection just out enough that I can use it with two hands and get the coverage I want.  

The device itself is very small and the case it comes in fits very nicely into the front pocket of my Vertx Gamut.

So how does it do with thermal images?  First picture shows my buddy's MK18 upper after a 20-30 shot string. I forgot to switch on the temperature measuring ability, but the front end is in the 160F range, for reference. 

Then I put about the same through my PWS MK107P, again bright yellow area's in the 160F range.

Then a shot of both of them together.

As you can see the quality is not 1080p-style but the device is literally thousands of dollars less than the professional versions and half the next cheapest version which is compatible for cell phones.  It is the only device, that I know of, which is compatible for the Android OS.  My opinion?  Buy it.