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Range Report

Hit the range a little bit ago, specifically to zero and function check two rifles (that I will be posting pictures of later) but since I was there I ran a 200 drill in 60 seconds.  It is just like the normal 200 drill, but in 60 seconds and you add in single hand isolation/manipulation.

I shot a 168, which is lower than my last few untimed 200 drills.  What happens with this drill is that the issues you have are exaggerated.  Bottom left of the center, free-style two hand strong hand, slightly more than average number of shots out of the black.  Strong hand only (right hand) I threw one way high into the 5 ring, which I called when I did it, a flinch.  Other strong hand only (left hand) I threw three shots, two in the 6 ring and one in the 7 ring.  I thought I was low on time and hurried, but as you can see, you cannot rush accuracy!