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Range Report

As I do every time I go to the range, I start off with a cold 200 drill (Sayoc Tactical Group) with my G19 Gen4, Barsto barrel and Trijicon HD Yellow dot front sight

As you can see I threw a round into the 5 ring, that was other strong hand first shot.  I put the gun down and walked away from it for a few seconds.  I also threw a few shots free-style and one hand strong hand into the 7 ring.  I am still having issues trying to get the Trijicon HD's to line up properly for me.  I am putting the front ledge of the sight between the 9 and 10 ring and getting shots to the left of that, sometimes POA/POI, sometimes slightly high.  My sights may be off slightly since the majority of them are to the left, the low shots were all me rushing the trigger.  I put up a 171, or 173, depending on how you count it.  Realistically I should not have a single shot out of the 8 ring.

I also installed an old pair of Ameriglo Kyle Defoor Sights on my G17L (picture below).  The sights are .115" front and .150" rear, so they are super fine/sharp.  Which provides a very accurate sight picture.  It also helps that they are POA/POI at 25 yards.  The G17L performed well, I put up a 92/100 on the same target and wash in a rush, forgot to take a picture of the target.  I replaced the Ameriglo CAP Sights I had on the G17L before.  The CAP sight are good for close sight acquisition but not for what I want the G17L to do (distance accuracy shooting).  I will be doing a write up on the CAP sights later.