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Range Report

Went to the range today to function test my Taran Tactical magazine additions and decided to run two, 200 drills one with my EDC G19 and the other with a G17 upper and G17L lower (I make the distinction because the G17L lower has some awesome trigger parts making the trigger pull very smooth).

G19, barsto barrel, trijicon HD sights, winchester white box 115gr 9mm ammo, slow shooting.  I threw two rounds in the 6 ring and several into the 7 ring, low and left, two hand freestyle.  While I am still very close to where I want to be I am still searching for the right point of aim for the HD sights.  They are not POA/POI @ 25 yards which makes this drill sort of a guessing game.  I am, however, totally aware I threw those rounds low and left, as well as that single round to the right of the target, that was anticipation.

G17 upper, G17L lower, ameriglo PRO-I dot, winchester white box 115gr 9mm ammo.  Shoot on trigger reset and sight alignment, no waiting or taking time between shots.  The 6 ring shot on the right is one hand left hand (other strong) and the 6 ring on the left is one hand right hand (strong hand).  The rest had good sight alignment and other than a twitch here and there I believe I threw two shots left of black (8 ring) free style.  The mix of upper and lower, as well as POA/POI sights helps a bit since its a very smooth trigger press and the bullet goes where I put my sights, no guessing game.