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Glock Trigger Updates / Issues

Some of you may remember this post about the Zevtech Fulcrum trigger I installed into a G17 Gen3 lower.  Well I took it to the range and installed Ameriglo CAP sights sights on my G17L upper (picture without CAP sights, but with Fulcrum installed):

I hit the range and ran a 200 drill, developed by Sayoc Tactical Group, which not only helps with zero'ing the sights I installed but is an accuracy standard.

I was aiming center of front sight ledge, cutting the X in half, the CAP sights are not POA/POI at 25 yards, I would have to aim lower than where I was aiming.  I threw two shots, the top one I labeled and the one in the 6 ring.  The Fulcrum trigger is crisp, I did however have two issues with it.  The first was a dead trigger on round #2 of firing after install.  The next was round #18 which was an FTExtract.  I am not sure if this was a trigger group issue, but it did not occur before on the lower, may have been the ammo or the new G17L upper, I will call it a draw.

In the picture above the lower trigger group has a "Ghost Ranger" setup in it.  Which I transplanted to my G19 Gen4 w/ RMR.  The trigger safety, in the middle of the trigger, does not reset.  You have to manually push the trigger forward in order to get the trigger safety to reset.  This is a no go, I'll be putting the original parts back into it.  So if you have a Ghost Ranger trigger, make sure that trigger resets.