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Zev Tech/Glock Worx Fulcrum Trigger

Got this Zev Tech Fulcrum 9mm kit for a Glock.  I decided to put it into my G17 modified lower that has been cut down to accept G19 magazines.

Comes with all parts listed above.  I will change out the springs and plunger in my G17 upper and keep my G17L upper completely stock as its already a pretty light setup.

The trigger group is all polished with the 336 connector and Zev's trigger connector bar.

While this setup allows you to adjust the reset and pull on the trigger, I found that right out of the box it was pretty good.  I like a little bit of take up and just putting it in the way it came gives me a goo 3-4 millimeters of travel before break and the reset is nice and crisp.

On top is the fulcrum and below is the OEM trigger bar with a GHOST Ranger trigger connector bar.  

Install was easy and I will hit the range with it soon to see how it feels.