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Surefire P1R Peacekeeper

So SureFire released the P1R Peacekeeper flashlight, its been specifically marketed towards LE for duty work.  While I have no doubt it will work really well for its intended purpose.  I like the fact it is rechargeable out of the box (comes with DC/Car chargers) and it is small.  Comparing it to the Protac HL would be inappropriate since the Protac is not rechargeable but in the same lumen range.  However, comparing it to the Streamlight Stinger DS HL would be a better comparison for its intended purpose.  I use the Stinger DS HL on duty, and while some may look at the length and weight of the light to be a negative aspect, I do not, since the move away from D-Cell Maglights bigger flashlights have their place, if you are tracking.  The Stinger boasts more lumen output and a longer run time, it is also less than half the price.  I like the direction that SureFire is going, I just wish they priced some of their new models a little more competitively.