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Coffman Concealment AIWB Prototype "Linus" - Update

This is an update to this post I made last week.

Please check out the video I made to show the issue with this specific type of configuration.  The Viridian X5L Gen2 requires a bigger channel to allow the light to go in and out smoothly, it also has a lot of sharp corners and a screw head that sticks out.  The holster works as it is supposed to, concealing the gun with the light, however when I attempted to draw from odd angles and very quickly requiring a non-traditional, non-straight up draw, it gets caught.  I have forwarded this information to Coffman Concealment and they will be working on the holster.  This is a prototype after all and this type of thing needs to be T&E'd because things like this do occur from time to time with different designs.