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Coffman Concealment AIWB Prototype

While browsing M4C I found this thread.  I have been meaning to get a holster that will take a Viridian X5L Gen2 and give me the ability to carry it in a holster.  There are many different holster makers out there, many I have emailed and some who responded, some who did not.  Once I saw Coffman's design I was going to get it for a standard G19 for AIWB carry, the center cutout is not something I have seen in a holster before, so I decided to ask if it can be made for a Viridian light.  He put one together and shipped it out to me.

This holster has two pull-the-dot's and the retention off the holster is off of the slide and the frame from the separation.  The trigger area is fairly exposed, but I cannot see any way to create a channel for the X5L Gen2 without that space setup that way.  I will give it a go and see what happens.