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Gun Shop / Range Report

As I always do, I hit the range frequently to check that I can make my standards (with my pistol specifically).  This trip I tried a few different things, specifically shooting with just my right eye open and my left eye shut, and the other way around.  I normally shoot with one eye completely open and one squinting a little bit but still maintaining good peripheral vision.  I hit the range and shot a 200 drill (20 rounds, 25 yards) with my Gen4 G19, Barsto Barrel, Triji HD sights and Fiocchi 9mm 115gr.

Left eye closed, right eye open.

Right eye closed, left eye open.

I shot fairly slow on the first target, this shot cold.  Notice all five rounds I shot LHO were to the right of the center (the triangle).  I did not feel like I threw any shots, but I did, obviously.

Second target, I threw two rounds that I knew of, one was left hand only in the 5 ring (first shot) and one was the third shot freestyle two-hand, in the 7 ring at the bottom.  I was not shooting as slow as the first one, though I probably should have.  Pretty interesting what using a different eye can do.  I am left eye dominant but right handed.  I have taught myself to shoot with both eyes (for cross-platform issues).  This gives me the impression I need to focus more on doing more accuracy shooting with my left eye.

While I was at the gun shop, they had a new G17 with Glock's threaded barrel and suppressor sights.

The sights feel like they are going to fall off.  I do not know if they are metal or the "plastic" that Glock puts on their guns from the factory, but they just had a painted green dot on the front sight.  The barrel protector is a piece of threaded plastic and the barrel itself is not really different from an OEM barrel, its just threaded.  Out of the box it looks like it would work fine as a suppressor host, but anything more than a fun range gun it is not.

They had an SR15 MOD 2, fresh from the factory.  Good looking stick.

Then they had this S&W 627 which, if you do not know revolvers, is pretty rare to see in the wild.  It is a 2 inch barrel, 7 shot, .357 revolver under their "Performance" line, with wood grips.  The double-action trigger was ultra fine, and the single action pull was very smooth.