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Dark Star Gear Minimalist AIWB G19 Holster

Since I put an RMR on a G19 slide, I needed a holster to carry it in.  Out of the holsters I have, only the Raven VG2 works for this, but it does not retain the gun the way I want, so I ask Dark Star Gear to make me one that will fit my needs.  When it came in it needed a little bit of modification to fit exactly what I want.

You can see in the two pictures above that the trigger guard inlay is pretty deep, for this application I wanted a click each time I re-holstered the pistol.  This is personal preference and the holster did not do that out of the box, so I put a heat gun to it and applied some more pressure.  The above is a butchering of what I original got in the mail, which had no flaws and looked really good.  The shiny part around the trigger is 100% my work.

Next I took the metal clip and bent it, just a little bit to give the gun a cant when I carry.  This is also a personal preference for this.  I try to not normally carry AIWB with the grip parallel to my belt.

 Since this was a shot in the dark, and all he had to go off of were pictures I took the sweat guard needed to be cut down to allow for the RMR to not be contacted by the kydex.  I used a dremel to cut the groove out.  You can also see the trigger guard was reheated and pressed in a little bit, I did that too.

As you can see, the RMR fits with no issues.

Plenty of space on both sides.

The holster works on any 9mm Glock (including the G26) since it is open ended.  I really like the design as it is very minimalist and allows for the suppressor sights to clear the sight channel.  I am going to wear it for a big and report back.