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Zero Dark Thirty - Movie

I am not going to normally post this type of stuff as I have no care about political or other BS of any kind.  I am however a fan of movies and the entertainment value they bring.  Not often do we, in the gun community, get to see a movie come out that has an "awesome gun factor" to it.  In my opinion this will be such a movie.  Here is the trailer for Zero Dark Thirty, there are is another one on youtube.  I look forward to seeing if they put the scene where Bin Laden gets shot in the face.  (btw, last 15 or so seconds is awesome)

I read the book No Easy Day, not because I am want to ride anyone's piece, but because I wanted to see what the first hand experience was on that day.  I would recommend reading it as its an excellent read, even if it is not entirely accurate (some news sources and some members on different forums have had dissenting opinions) it is still a worthwhile read.  Also wanted to add that if you have not seen Act of Valor I would suggest taking a look.  No Hollywood actors, but the guys are the real deal, also lots of "awesome gun factor" in the movie.


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