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Guardian Angel Devices - Initial Use Impressions

In August I started seeing these Guard Angel Devices start popping up around various places.  I work at night a lot and doing vehicle investigations street side is hazardous work, so on person lighting options other than flashlight are really interesting to me.  I reached out to them and they sent me a Law Enforcement Red/Blue Wearable Safety Light.  I started using it daily while working any after-dark shift.  The immediately awesome thing was that the device has a really strong magnet on the bottom of it.

New Dawn Roast Veteran's Day Deal!

New Dawn Roast coffee is my go to coffee for espresso and standard drip.  If you follow my IG page you will see how much I use of it.  It is the coffee constantly recommend to people as it's aroma and taste are beyond anything you can buy from any store and even many local roasters can't get coffee as right as this.  For veteran's day there is a $9.99 / 12oz bag deal going on on V Development Group's store page.  When you buy 2+ bags at once, you get free shipping (on your whole order).

Sunday Evening Thoughts

Throughout my professional life, and especially within the LE field, I can say that I have seen the "ok boomer" concept manifest into frustration, and not just for myself.  When I first got into LE, nearly every senior officer or supervisor I came into contact with on duty was old enough to be parent.  This had a really weird way of creating how things worked out through my shift.  The main issue, at least for me, was that there was a lot of "this is how it's always been done" type dogma going on, and those who would make those statements almost always did so when it would directly pertain to something that would benefiting them.  I found that when it would benefit the younger (or next) generation of LEO's coming up through the ranks, the rules would change arbitrarily to stop it or would be designed in such a way that it would still benefit the older officers in some way.  It would be easy to see this as an issue exclusive to LE, but yet it isn't.  I have seen it in the private sector before I got into LE, almost identical in nature.

After the issues with dogma come the second biggest issue I have seen when considering the generational divide.  The older officers, especially those in Gen X (or older as they are sort of the same in mindset) took new ideas, approaches and competency as a direct assault against themselves.  They took it very personal.  One such example of this I have is when a performance evaluation was due and I was leading my area in a particular field of activity, once certain older officers found out and one specifically found out this was true by the numbers, he actually confronted me and told me to "chill the fuck out, you are making everyone else look bad."  This happened about ten, or so, ago and that officer has since retired, but it was a very eye opening moment for me.  I am being called out for doing my job better, or more effectively, than a senior officer and for that I am wrong?  I guess that's part of the separation beyond the generations.  I let my work speak for itself whereas the senior officers believed they were entitled to certain accolades for simply being on the job for as long as they were.  While they may deserve certain considerations, those which they were after they had not earned and I did through hard work.

Even still, I will always strive to not allow myself to look upon a person and make a judgement of their ability based on their age.  That is not the correct way to go about determining how competent or capable a person is.  There are plenty examples of older, senior, officers who are still vastly most capable that any younger officer and the opposite is also true.  Using labels such as boomer, zoomer or millennial should be done at your discretion and seldom negatively.  Let a persons actions determine the label you give them, not their age.

Gunshot Wound Deaths

Over at documentingreality.com a user posted a very detailed write up on gunshot wounds, varying types and various VERY GRAPHIC photos.  That link is NSFW.

EDC Stuff

More Trijicon SRO action, this time with a much earned John Wick coin (in silver), a silver sword psalms and proverbs pocket booklet, turned to the matching SRO 1COR4:5.  That's a Schultzbladeworks Crane's Beak on the left, and a Lumtec M80 on vintage calf strap on the right.  Slide is a Thompson_Leh G19 duty grade with Ameriglo MOS night sights.

Amtacshooting on Recoil Web

Recoil Web featured Bill Rapier of amtacshooting.com talking about his circle of awareness process.  Video is below, it autoplays on mute, make sure to check it out, as well as, his upcoming 2020 training schedule.  Bill is, essentially, the top instructor in the industry today and you should train with him before his classes consistently sell out and become unobtainium (which is already happening). 

In the video Bill is wearing a one of V Development Group's Svefnthorn Shirts which is derived from northmanblades Svefnthorn, also check out northman's IG page.

Trijicon SRO - Preuse impressions

The Trijicon SRO came out earlier this year and I have been looking to pick up a 1moa version, which has proven to be very difficult to source.  I have, however, found one and will be doing some testing with it, against its older, smaller counterpart the RMR and against its number one competitor the Aimpoint ACRO.

Trijicon SRO

Trijicon SRO preuse impressions coming tomorrow.  This is a 1moa version which I wanted to get before I did any work with it.  Slide is from Thompson_Leh and it'll have a Striker Control Device (SCD) on it (as every glock should).

Casio G-Shock Carbon Core Guard GA-2100

Got this new Casio GA-2100, I think the internets are calling it the "G-Oak" or something along those lines.  It is the first Casio I have ever purchased and worn, I can tell you that I am pretty happy with it.  This is the blacked out version, there is an all red version and a white markers version.  Its a new to market release so you can only buy it directly from japan (which mean it costs a little more but is probably better craftsmanship and quality than others put together elsewhere.

Lots of guns per second

video below:

The RMT and Why You Should Carry A Tourniquet

Tourniquets have always been a necessity for the soldier and the law enforcement officer, not just for self care, but for buddy care and for citizen care.  Since the boom of the civilian / law enforcement, 2A / training industry, there have been a lot of new tourniquets which have been released and this has caused a lot of commotion.  Tourniquets, for some, are almost like being associated with a cult of some kind.  Those who like NAR CAT tourniquets will argue with those who like TacMed SOF Tourniquets and everything in between.

Megingjörð v3 + Gaetir

The new V3 Megingjord and Gaetir are live over at V Development Group.  Check out the video demonstration.

Must Have EDC Items

EDC items should be specifically designed to meed, and exceed, whatever your perspective need is for that item.  When it comes to AIWB setups the Seraph AIWB Holsters are top notch.  Every single aspect of them is designed around real world application and confrontation.  I have used them on duty working non-uniformed assignments and they exceed all possible expectations.  The Seraph holsters come with "short wing" DCC clips which have extra clamping force, these are the best clips for this purpose on the market.  They also come with a DarkWing, which is designed with effective geometry to push the holster inward, forcing the grip to not protrude into the shirt, while allowing for a better grip angle and overall better performance than its predecessor the raven wing.  Also in the photo is a Gen5 Glock 19 with a taudevgroup.com SCD (full review here), this is an absolute must have for any Glock.  There is a headhunterblades.com Rat Blade, which is essentially one of the most prolific IWB carried blades on the market (review coming soon).  The Lum-tec m80 watch on vintage calf just rounds it out.

Officer fights over firearm with suspect - Victorville, CA

This incident shows a specific requirement that LEO's need to consider when figuring out what type of training they need.  Check out the video:

I've been asked a bunch of times to post a write-up of this incident, there are several issues here, specifically the video really sucks and it is very difficult to see what is exactly going on as a body worn camera would have provided, hopefully that video is released if it exists and I'll revisit this situation then.  I will just keep things general and base is roughly on what is in the video.

It is not immediately clear why the officer has her pistol out to begin with, she drew it for whatever reason and it immediately became a center point of the physical altercation, which stemmed from a disturbance call.  Whatever the reason, they started to fight and the officer became overpowered.  This is primarily because she was focused on controlling the firearm and not the subject.  Always strive to fight the person and not the tool.  Yes the tool is a primary concern but the tool cannot function if the subject cannot manage to use it. 

The role physical strength plays is only limited to the application of tools which effect that subject.  Even in full mount, an officer on the bottom can maintain control of a pistol and deploy a backup pistol or a blade in order to effect the subject.  Carry a blade or backup pistol is very important in this particular type of situation, which is actually more common than many LEO's would believe it is.  While I do not want to get into specific tactics about mitigation and countering of a gun grab, I want to point out some simple concepts / steps anyone can take in order to understand the nature of a physical confrontation of this nature.

Training in a physical combative art is a necessity.  You do not know how you will function on your back, side, or ground until you do it often enough to get a good grasp on it.  Finding a gym that allows you to roll in full uniform kit is very rare, but some may have LE type classes available.  BJJ is going to be the best bet for this because it is very popular and there is probably a BJJ school in your area.  I would also recommend finding a Sambo school as well, just for contrast, because they focus on throws and falling, both of which are extremely important in the first few seconds of physical contact.  Six months of bi-weekly classes of either will provide the average person a very good understanding of how their skillsets apply to the fight and how to properly execute those skillsets with the goal of non-deadly force, but can escalate to that level if needed immediately. 

Beyond BJJ and the like, carrying and training with a blade is extremely important to this end.  I would highly recommend carrying and training with the amtacblades.com Northman.  It provides a multi-application blade system which is concealed enough to allow surprise application in a ground fight over a tool.  Effective blade deployment is something that can be, and should be, trained for and you do not need to start off in a fantasy position in order to get that experience.  A folded pocket knife is not going to do what you need it do immediately, a fixed blade will. 

Bootleg CamLok M-Lok Rail

This Cam locking MLOK rail from Bootleg is pretty light and easy to install. I test fitted it and it took a whopping fifteen seconds to install securely.  Not too shabby. 

Single large flat head screw tightens the rail onto the barrel nut.

Plastic cam cover closes on it.

Pretty simple and effective system.

Rail is thin and light.

I got the 9.5" version for an SBR build.

Flat Muzzle Pad

I know I posted about this before, just want to give you guys a heads up that over at V Development Group, they have a run of Flat Muzzle Pad Blems that you should probably check out.  About 25% cheaper than their non-blem versions, but they work the same.  Once they are gone they gone.  Don't miss out on the deal.  They are the best addition to any AIWB light bearing holster, any holster with a built in kydex hard wedge of any type or large frame pistol AIWB holster overall.  They rock and you should check them out!

The Sinister Blade

Schultzbladeworks.com Sinister Blade getting a tan in whatever sun is left.