Just mere life is not victory, just mere death is not defeat.

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In case you didn't see my post about it, Master Chim's new book Tribalnomics is out on Amazon.  You can get a digital copy or a paperback copy.  I have both, a paperback copy coming in the mail.

Do yourself a favor and read this book.  It has a good bit of mindset and tribe-specific concepts in it.  

Hill People Gear Runner's Kit Bag

Hill People Gear's Runner Kit bag.  This is the newer version.  I have an older one which I will be reviewing and comparing to this new one soon.  As the weather gets warmer the running will be plentiful!

RMT from V Development Group in the pack, as always.

Remember that you have to die

Amtacblades.com Magnus / Northman, Lumtec M350-2 diver, and Glock: Stipple and Paint done by BattlecockTactical and KM3 Solutions.  Maple Leaf LLC did the slide milling.  Jagerworks BROS covering a Trijicon SRO.  RMT from V Development Group. Silver from MutinyMetals

Pistol ammunition is ineffective at immediately stopping a human adversary

Watch the full videos below (*language warning*):

A man is very much under the influence of some hard drug, that causes him to attack this sheriff's deputy.  The LEO, rightfully so, begins to discharge his pistol at the aggressive man striking him several times in the chest.  The man doesn't fall right away, he takes several shots, takes several steps forward, and still continues to act aggressively.  If this man had a knife or a firearm, the LEO would definitely have had a serious issue.  Pistol ammunition isn't very effective at immediately stopping people unless the shooter aims at a very specific switch and hits it.  This is very much proof positive of this.


Phoenix AZ 1/9/21 - Officer makes precision shot during hostage situation saving a small child

phoenix az police depatment LPVO rifle hostage shoot

Check out the above video, it should start around the 2:30 mark.  Something you will see very quickly, other than the gigantic set of balls on this officer, is the fact he was using an LPVO (low power variable optic) on his patrol rifle.  I have always been a proponent of more specialized equipment and training to properly apply that equipment than less.  You can always not use the equipment but when you need it, you absolutely have an immediate need for that tool and it may be life or death.  As far as I am concerned, there should not be a shift, in any police department, in the entire USA that does not have at least one officer who is a "squad designated marksman" of some sort.  I am not talking about a .338 with a 32x maximum magnification rifle a patrol officer is riding around with, although there is definitely an application for that in some areas of the country.  What I am talking about is a 1-4/6/8/10x or a 2-10x on a 16" AR15 rifle, coupled with a good zero that's set with good law enforcement quality ammunition, this will provide a capability that is specifically suited to the everyday reality of what a patrol officer may experience.  There is no excuse anymore.  Even a cheap setup of an LE Colt 6920 plus even a low-end 1-6x Vortex Strike-Eagle is still better than a standard red dot sight on a patrol rifle.  Anyone who tells you that an LPVO is not something a patrol officer should have on their rifle is not educated on the concepts and if this particular officer only had a red dot sight on his rifle he may have missed, he may have hit the child, he may have not immediately are permanently rectified this situation to a positive conclusion.

The Successful Story of a Particular RMT

In April of 2018 I made sure that Bill Rapier, of amtachshooting.com / amtacblades.com received a tan RMT from V Development Group for training and testing purposes.  I was carrying, training with, and recommending the RMT since the middle of 2017 and on since at that time I was looking for a better tourniquet solution as the CAT / SOF-T have failed me numerous times in the real world, and training circumstances, which I documented in a previous write-up - The RMT and why you should carry a tourniquet.  When Bill received his RMT he immediately adopted it as his EDC, training, and student-useable tourniquet during his classes, and it was used in this capacity until September of 2020.  I received the below image from Bill after this RMT broke during one of his classes.

American Made Stuff You Should Want

Support American Companies whenever possible.  Lumtec is based out of Ohio and makes great EDC tool-type watches.  Patriot Men's Co is based out of Idaho and makes awesome soap! Use this link or use code VDMSR to get 20% off any order from them.  Arcane Concerted makes retention bungees that allow you to secure various things to various other things.  I use them for NVG and slings.  Aux MFG hand makes cool knives like this Dagger XL, all American labor and facility.

More tools

G34, check the previous posts for details, SKDTAC pig gloves and headhunterades.com Dirty Blade always round the toolset out.

Leupold Delta Point Micro Dot

So I was fortunate enough to have a buddy send me a testing unit of the Leupold Delta point Micro dot.  I'm going to do a whole big post on it once I get some trigger time with it.  Right now it's sitting on a Glock 48 and will be for the duration of my use of it.  Expect more photos and comparisons soon.


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