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Nashville Police Active Killer Response and Relevant Information

Nashville Covenant School Active Shooter

 On March 27th, a very emotionally deranged person drove to an elementary school and started shooting.  When everything was said and done, three young children and three older staff members were murdered.  The perpetrator was killed during a shootout with police.  This is a tragedy, there is no other way to think of this type of situation without immediately feeling empathy for those who lost family members, and for those young lives cut short.  This situation has a lot of information that was brought to the public very quickly, and a lot of it was in the form of video footage.  From this, a lot of questions have come up and it is important a lot of questions get answered, while some misconceptions get resolved.  The goal of this article is to resolve as many of these questions as possible through real-world experiences and inner understanding of LE policy.  

Murdered Out for Spring/Summer 2023 Hat

Murdered Out Spring Summer Stars Memento Mori Hat Cap

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Belleville Boots AMRAP

Belleville Boots AMRAP

The guys over at Belleville Boots sent me these waterproof AMRAP boots for testing.  After I wear them for a bit I'll do an initial impressions post.  I will be directly contrasting them against the Salomon MID GTX, and the Blauer MID's that I have to still write a review for.

Ameriglo Agent Sights


I also got a set of Ameriglo Trooper sights that were standard issue for the CBP Glock 47 when they were issued.  Will do a post on them as well.  I previously did a review on several Ameriglo sights, like the BOLD and FBI Sights, as well as the CAP, Defoor and PRO-I Dot's.  Check those reviews out.

You have to carry a tourniquet if you carry a gun.

 tourniquet for law enforcement LE

This occurred in Reno, involving two Reno PD LEO's, a Sgt and an Officer.  The Sgt made contact with several armed males and a shootout ensued.  The Sgt made good hits, but as often occurs in gunfights, was shot himself.  He did not have a tourniquet on his person.  A backup officer armed with a rifle engaged both the armed males and then ran over to the downed Sgt to render aid, he also did not have a tourniquet on his person.  It was several responsible armed citizens came to the rescue.  It is difficult to tell from the video but it was actually a belt that was provided to the down Sgt and applied by one of the citizens.  I initially believed it may have been an RMT, but it was not.

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Guardian Warrior Solutions ADAPT Attachment


The ADAPT series from Guardian Warrior Solutions seeks to completely remove teklok, molle style attachments, and other cumbersome and heavy plastics for duty rigs, plate carrier, and battle belts.  I have been waiting for something like this for a while now, I really don't like the plastic attachments, so this is really cool.  This one is shown attached to a Strategic Dark handcuff pouch, one of my favorites.