Just mere life is not victory, just mere death is not defeat.

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Short Articles:
Carrying a firearm doesn't make you a badass
How a receiver thinks - Metro edition
TV Crew Killed, a hard lesson in situational awareness
Oregon Umpqua Community College Shooting
"Tactical De-escalation" at work
Gun Crazy
Cognitive Dissonance at work
Action is faster than reaction
Who is Responsible for Your Safety?
The Carry Reload
De-escalation and the Worst Case Scenario
Run. Hide. Tell. Die.
Put Your Gun Away.
Train to Think.
Do not be a Pedestrian.
The Blade Awareness Myths.
SME Article
Why are our schools not prepared?
Internet Hyperbole and Lessons in Reality
Shooting to Wound and Use of Deadly Force
Female Officer fights wanted murderer over pistol

Long Articles:
Carry Ammo. Training, not Equipment
Get in the fight
"Tactical De-escalation" and how it is going to get people killed
Optics, Reticles, PID vs. Distance
Optic Mounted Pistols and Concepts in Application
Failures of De-escalation and being behind the OODA Loop
Training for Reality: Reloads and Situational Awareness
Hard Lessons: LE, Self Reliance and Dying Well

Data Driven:
Modifications to Carry Gun Survey Results
Carry Method and Carry Gun Results

100 Drill Progression - 25 Y Pistol

Equipment Developments and Research:
FBI Ameriglo Night Sights and Update/Comparison
TQ Use and Considerations
Facts about using a Neoprene Wedge

Holster-related articles/opinions:
AIWB / IWB Holster Classifications - 1
AIWB / IWB Holster Classifications - 2
AIWB / IWB Holster Classifications - 3

Company Highlights:
Battle Cock Tactical
Warrior Culture Gear / The Print Shop