Short Articles:
Carrying a firearm doesn't make you a badass
How a receiver thinks - Metro edition
TV Crew Killed, a hard lesson in situational awareness
Oregon Umpqua Community College Shooting
"Tactical De-escalation" at work
Gun Crazy
Cognitive Dissonance at work
Action is faster than reaction
Who is Responsible for Your Safety?
The Carry Reload
De-escalation and the Worst Case Scenario
Run. Hide. Tell. Die.
Put Your Gun Away.
Train to Think.
Do not be a Pedestrian.
The Blade Awareness Myths.
Why are our schools not prepared?
Internet Hyperbole and Lessons in Reality
Shooting to Wound and Use of Deadly Force

Long Articles:
Carry Ammo. Training, not Equipment
Get in the fight
"Tactical De-escalation" and how it is going to get people killed
Optics, Reticles, PID vs. Distance
Optic Mounted Pistols and Concepts in Application
Failures of De-escalation and being behind the OODA Loop

Data Driven:
Modifications to Carry Gun Survey Results
Carry Method and Carry Gun Results

100 Drill Progression - 25 Y Pistol

Equipment Developments and Research:
FBI Ameriglo Night Sights and Update/Comparison
TQ Use and Considerations
Facts about using a Neoprene Wedge

Holster-related articles/opinions:
AIWB / IWB Holster Classifications - 1
AIWB / IWB Holster Classifications - 2
AIWB / IWB Holster Classifications - 3

Company Highlights:
Battle Cock Tactical
Warrior Culture Gear / The Print Shop


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