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The Original Woobie - Perseverance Survival


The Original Woobie is advertised as an American-made poncho liner that comes in a pullover or zip-up jacket style design.  There are available on their website for around $50-$60.

Reason for Purchase:
Perseverance Survival sent me this woobie last year at the beginning of the wintertime.  Everyone needs a good hoody right?  Was pretty tired of various other hoodies that I've had over the years and always looking for a decent cooler/colder, 50s-40s degree range outer layer to wear with only a t-shirt underneath.  Having had a bunch of other zip-ups and pullovers, keeping the heat in is always one of the struggles of a setup like this.  

In The Field:
The front pocket is a decent size and can hold your phone, tourniquet, or party favors, probably not all at the same time, but definitely one at a time.  

The cuffs aren't super stretchy, so that means more heat stays in, but they are also not lined so that means they don't weigh your wrists down.  They will get caught on a watch or bracelet, so they are that tight.

Decent stitching and good overall construction in areas where there's a lot of movement.

The bottom black material is the same as the cuffs, it's a little bit bigger/longer I think, I didn't measure just eyeballing.  It catches various hairs pretty easily as you can see.  It's not as stretchy as I'd like it to be, but it works well enough.  

Ownership and Usage:
The biggest issue I found was the hood would randomly come down if I did anything that had me moving around a little bit.  I was toying with the idea of sowing in a hook/loop attachment on the back of woobie to attach to the bottom of the hoodie.  I'll have to consider it more as I go, but the hood definitely needs a slight bit of structuring to keep it from moving around.

A few of the sections have developed these material abrations and while there aren't any real negatives from it, worth the mention.

The strings are useless.  I wanted to like them, I wanted to try to use them, I didn't, not once.  I usually remove the strings from hoodies that have them.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations:
Perserverance Survival has a ton of different options, color setups, schemes and designs.  They have full zips and pull overs.  In this material, I really like the pullover types.  I don't know if they fill the sections with anything, but even in the setup that I received it works really well for keeping heat in.  With that said I really hoped the black semi-elastic material at the cuff and waist were more stretchy, it wasn't stretchy enough for me, but may work for others well.  If you put a phone into the front middle pocket it'll weight it down pretty substantially and I've dropped my phone on the gruond several times keeping it this way, so I stopped.  It is a warm pocket, and putting both your hands inside the pocket will keep your hands warm.  If you like this type of hoody setup, you should definitely consider their getting one of thier woobies.