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Arisaka Defense 1.93" Aimpoint T1/T2 Mount

If you are a return reader of this site you know that I am always recommending Arisaka Defense (Amazon link) / Arisaka Defense (Main website) and its products.  They are great, and if you are looking for a mounting and/or light solution they are the first stop for those items.  They also make great hand/finger stops and now they made this 1.93" "tallboi" Aimpoint T1/T2 mount.  Why 1.93"? If you have night vision, or don't want to crank your neck, it's a decent solution for various applications.  This one allows you to use standard height BUIS and see through the center of it to use them.  I don't use BUIS on this particular rifle due to the NVG setup, but you can set one up that will work for your particular application. 

As you can see the Arisaka mount comes with everything you need, including specific screws for your Aimpoint T1/T2, an allen wrench and hex bit, that I used a Felo T-Handle Hex bit holder for in these applications.  This is good so that you have the tools available and don't need to mess around trying to find the right tools for the job. 

Instructions are very simple and there aren't that many moving parts to being with.

See-through channel.

The instructions don't recommend any loctite, but I always throw a drop of blue loctite, just in case.

I am coming from a 1.93" Geissele mount that I got on a trade a while back.  It's a decent mount but not cool guy new hotness decent.  You also can't beat a guy with it if you needed to, the Arisaka mount is hefty and allows you to see through it to use your BUIS.

I recommend this mount, and any other Arisaka Defense product because they are made better.  They think of the little things and don't break the bank with their products.  The long-term value for these items is always good.  If you are looking for a mount for you red dot, check out Arisaka.