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Tactical M20 In-EarPro - Initial Impressions


Active Hearing Protection & Enhancement Ear Plugs

The guys over at Commgearsupply.com sent me these Tactical M20 "Active Hearing Protection & Enhancement Ear Plugs" for review and use.  I have been looking for a set of active in earpro type for duty work for a while now and these, as of this post, have fit the bill pretty well.

With these you get a box that also is a charging system for them, this is standard for most in-ear type setups for most earbuds nowadays, there is no reason why earpro for shooting couldn't do the same thing.  The box is rugged.

The box charges the earbuds while they are inside of it.

You charge the box via a USB-C connection in the rear, which is great since everything (phones) is moving to this connection type.  Doesn't have wireless charging but for $69.99 I didn't expect it with what you get.

The charging case has a battery life of 300 mAh, each earbud has about 40mAh, which means, if you do the math, you can get about 3 solid recharges of both earbuds before you have to plug in the case again.  5V max in/out so that should work with pretty much all USB-C cables and outlets unless rated otherwise.  Has no fast charge ability, again didn't expect it.  Yes it's made in China, no you can't get something similar that is made anywhere else at this time.

The white light in the center shows how much capacity the case battery has.

Each earbud has a dedicated place inside the case, once it clicks in via magnets it'll start automatically charging.

As you can see these M20's are very sturdy while they may look hefty in these macro photos they are in fact not that big and you don't really feel them in your ear once you start moving around and shooting, or doing tactical cool guy stuff.

In the package, you get a bunch of different types of setups, small, medium, and large in-ear type connections, both in the canal and in the ear.  You get those yellow soft cones as well.  These don't work with the Surefire EP series, so don't try, I prefer the triple cup version anyway.  The triple cups are very soft and once you get used to them being in your ear, you figure out how they work.

It takes some trial and error to figure out which in-ear rubber size cups and inserts work the best for you.  It comes with a silicone retention cord which I am not going to use but, I tested it and you can put them into the charging box with the cord attached.

For me, the application was to get have some electronic in-earpro that reduces echo's and increases hearing ability while inside a structure, also providing me with a small/compact active electronic earpro solution I can have in my car, bag, or otherwise. 

So far, I have used them at an indoor and outdoor range, as well as, on duty in various structures while doing searches and clearances.  I can tell you that you need to mess with the echo elimination setting to see which works best for you in whatever situation you find yourself in.  They are rated to +NRR22 / internal shutoff of 82dB which is equivalent to the Howard Leight Honeywell over the earpro, except these are in-ear so they will inherently work better, they are also very small and you don't need to keep buying / replacing batteries.  They fit under helmets and don't interfere with sunglasses, for me.  

There is only one thing I would have added to these, some sort of Bluetooth pairing function for comms.  I understand that would probably 2x-4x the cost, but I'm sure there is a market for these types of earpro down the line.