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 Whenever I hear about anyone using an RMT successfully I like to publicize it, especially if I get an email about it.  This LEO used his RMT after he was stabbed during an altercation.  

Per the LEO's comments, he was able to apply the RMT very quickly and effectively reaching occlusion of his bleed.  While this was not a life-threatening bleed, there is never a bad reason to apply a tourniquet when in doubt.  There was enough blood coming out that warranted such an application.  Remember that the RMT, unlike other traditional (read old technology) windlass tourniquets, can be applied and removed numerous times, for training or the real thing when seconds count.  This is important to understand because the RMT allows you to apply an industry-leading tourniquet quickly even if you are in doubt if a tourniquet is needed.  The old school thinking of tourniquet application was "last resort" because of a popular dogmatic myth that your limbs may be cut off if you applied a tourniquet, that is just not the case in most tourniquet applications based on any measurable data or research.  You should default to a tourniquet first and then figure out what else is needed (which is very likely a speedy trip to your local trauma emergency department).  The RMT allows you to do this without having to immediately purchase a brand new tourniquet.  Thankfully this LEO got his RMT from V Development Group and they replace used RMT's with verification of real-world use.