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Backup's for your Backup's

 Every few months I post up to remind everyone that they need to back up their data, last time was around Black Friday 2020.  This is extremely important, even more so than you may believe.  We live in a very digital world and once your data is lost, no one will go out of their way to find it so the responsibility falls on you to back up all of your data and keep it backed up.  What you should do, is keep all of your important photos, files and videos backed up on redundant setups.  Memory is getting cheaper and cheaper, you should go out of your way to make sure you are backing everything up (twice) and having at least one such digital storage device in a secure place.

I have several of the above WD Elements portable hard drives, I use them for redundant backing up of my files.  They work well and for under $100 for a 5TB version, that's pretty much a steal.  Even if you are a full-time photographer 5TB will last you a few months at best, and if you're just a soccer mom (or dad) taking photos and videos of your kids (or cat/dog), you can probably store an entire year worth of photos and videos on one of these.  You should purchase two, back up your files to one, then copy/paste to the secondary drive.  Take the secondary, write a sticky note on it with the date, add it to your calendar to remind you in three months, and store it in a waterproof case or off-site in a safe deposit box or otherwise.  This is important because if your house ends up burning down to the ground if you did the right thing now by saving all your essential documents in digital format and storing them off-site, you'll end up having all them to access without any issues.

I also have each one of the above drives and they all work really well.  The WD Black versions are probably the higher grade of the Western Digital portable devices, they have excellent reviews.

Samsung makes some of the best SD and MicroSD cards on the market.  If you are going to buy one for any device - which I highly recommend because most devices are able to record at 4k@60fps, which means you need a class ten card in order to properly record video without degradation - then you should make sure you buy the correct type of card.  Most phones, laptops, and other smart devices are able to interface with these cards in some way, so you should make sure your setup is compatible.