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Slide Milling Service - Maple Leaf LLC

I sent this Glock 34 slide to Maple Leaf LLC for some pretty serious work.  I requested a front scoop and bob cut, which you see above, I got their Carry Essentials Package with optic cut for RMR/SRO with front serrations and Nitride Refinishing.  I also asked for a custom Betsy Ross emblem on the right side, this is not something they normally do so this added time to the overall turn around, I was OK with this.

As you can see the custom Betsy Ross flag is really nice, even though it's a macro photo, the stars are crisp.  I don't know if they'll do custom work for everyone, or how much extra it'll cost, but it quality work.

I chose to keep the front OEM Glock markings and add serrations to the front around them.

As you can see the serrations and coating is really crisp and clearly quality.

Other side. 

Bob cut and nitride.

I was always going to put an SRO with a jagerworks BROS mount on this 34 upper, I made the mistake of not asking for the rear sights to be cut in the back of the optic, so they cut them in the front.  That's my mistake but the front XS big dot will likely work as a standalone at the center of dot for 5y and in.

The BROS is pretty hefty and covers the SRO well.

You can see the XS Big dot and how "big" it is.

BROS on the other side.

Also used jagerworks screws for the SRO, these are enlarged for easier tightening.

As you can see the BROS sticks out over the sides of the upper, that's a non-issue.  I decided on this build, primarily because I knew Maple Leaf LLC could do it well.  Right now this upper is over at Battle Cock Tactical where the lower is getting some really awesome work done.  This is not meant as a "race" gun in any way, but a cool project gun with a lot of potentials.

The overall process of ordering and fulfillment from Maple Leaf LLC is really easy.  They offer random coupons and discounts, so keep an eye out for them.  This project took a little bit longer than normal because of the coating and the custom engraving, but my previous work of the ACRO cut was a very, very, quick turn around.  If you are in the market for slide milling, optic cutting, or any of that type of stuff, I would highly recommend you check Maple Leaf LLC out, they do really good and quick work for almost half the price of the top marketed companies.  Personally, I wouldn't even waste my time with any other company, this one is good to go.