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Megingjord V4 - Feature Analysis

If you carry a firearm concealed, you probably know that you need a complete system in order to do it properly, from holster to clothing.  Many people just check the box when it comes to belts, just like holsters, get whatever is popular or whatever is cheap, that's the worst thing you can do, buy a product because it's cheap and looks like / markets like another more expensive product.  Originally when I began to consider the Megingjord belt concept I started to consider the things I would like in this type of belt.  As with all things, the reason for the original design was a collision of concept with the reality of material selection and general development processes.  This is something that I kept working on because with enough time you gain knowledge and apply to evolve a concept.  The V4 version of the Megingjord is one of the latest designs which have a lot of the features which I originally wanted to include but needed the time to develop and flush out.  A buddy of mine said that this is becoming like the 911 Carrera of belts because its the same design, and the older versions still work very well while the newest version will just have newer technical developments.  

The V4 has a thinner overall material than the V3.  In the above photo, the top is the V3 and the bottom is the V4.  With the V4, there was more of an emphasis on the comfort of carrying and stability of the belt.  

The V4 and V3 share the same lengths of sturdy material and flexible materials.  Clearly, the Multicam black material makes the V4 standout.  Unlike the V3, the V4 does not have any covering over the sturdy-to-flexible material transition section.

The V4 has a thicker sturdy material section, the doubled section allows for various attachments like Discreet Clips and other methods but was specifically designed to utilize the full width of most retention clips out there.  In this particular case, I found that thicker was better.

The Multicam Black material is very much an upgrade in my opinion, specifically its thinner and designed for a different purpose than the V3 material.  There were many different material options out there and this material met the level of requirements that I believe produce proper retention and comfort all around.

The hook and loop on the V4 is the same length as the V3, with full length of the belt (other than the sturdy material) hook, so that those who want to use overt duty type belts over the Megingjord can do so without having to purchase a different belt.  This has been an option that a lot of LEOs have asked for over the years and this is something I personally use on duty, the Megingjord is just that comfortable to wear.

The Megingjord is made in the USA, the materials and stamped steel low profile buckle are all sourced in the USA.  When I received the first working prototype many months ago, I put it on, and going from the V3 I immediately felt like I was not wearing a belt at all.  I cinched it down and it took most of the day and the next day to really start to get a feel for having a belt on.  I wore it for a week or so and put the V3 back on for a little bit to see what the obvious differences were and I could see that the V3 had slightly more bulk to it while the thinner material of the V4 allowed for clearly more comfort.  The material transition section has always been a point of consideration for me and with the V3 the section was covered.  I was never really happy with that particular modification, so with the V4, there was just the continuation of the Multicam Black material in a single wrap of the sturdy material.  I tried to wear the belt very tightly to see if the section bothered me and it didn't at all.  I tried to move the sturdy material in such a position that the transition section would sit right at my hip and then right at my stomach area, still no discomfort.  I also found that if I used the front section of the sturdy material for securing my holster I could stick a blade in the gap between the sturdy material and the flexible material.  I'll get some photos of this later on.

The sturdy section is thicker than the V3, and because of that the 1.5" and 1.75" DCC clips really work well.  It's just the right amount of thickness to remove a lot of play and create a really aggressive retention system on such a comfortable belt.  There may be a full black version and possibly an FDE version coming, on top of the Multicam Black version which was available before selling out.  Check out the product page for the V4 if you want to know more about it.  

The doubling through the low profile buckle, in my opinion, is one of the great features of this belt.  This allows for the velcro to fail and the belt to still be retained in place.  I know a lot of people dislike hook/loop and this particular feature provides an extra layer of retention for the belt.