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Lum-tec 350M-2 Diver Watch - Initial Impressions

I have had this Lum-tec 350M-2 for about two weeks and wanted to post up an initial impression along with some nice macro shots of the finer details of the watch.  If you have followed this page for a while, you know I like my horological instruments a particular way and Lum-tec really checked all the boxes with this watch.

The dial is a two-tone blue set up in a ring / circle design, it's actually very appealing to the eye in the sunlight.  At first I didn't know if I would like it but I enjoy it now.

The hour markers are filled with Lum-tec's inhouse custom lume mixutre, along with dots for hour ticks and ovals on the bezel.

The bezel is ceramic and shines in the light, and very finely constructed.

There is a single date window with a very bright and easily readable numerical date wheel.  I am not a fan of date wheels but there is no other option, it works fine for what it does.

If you have seen rotation bezels on watches, low end and high end, you would immediately know that more clicks equal better and more expensive.  This bezel has 120 clicks and as you can see the teeth are rounded and angled.  Aesthetically and functionally this is a slam dunk.  

The crown is smaller than I'd like but allows you to wear the diver looser than most watches, which is my preference without rubbing your hand raw.  Trademark "LT" marked on the crown.

The bracelet is another development, in and of itself, with a very cool aesthetic setup of links and functionality to boot.

The bracelet clasp is purposed dual-labeled.

There is a dive extension to the clasp which is actuated by the two-buttons on the clasp.  

As you can see the inside of the clasp, it has a very robust setup, easily feeling like a bracelet from a watch a hundred times its cost.

"Stainless Steel" stamped mark on the bracelet.

The bracelet goes on to have screwable link connections.  This is very much a feature of more expensive bracelet setups.  I throw a very small dab of purple loctite on the threads and know it'll never budge at all on me even during serious use.

So what kind of movement does the 350M have? A Swiss Sellita SW200-1 auto movement, an explanation of this movement can be read about here.  It is a very good movement for the cost and it can be found in numerous other brands like Hamilton, Bulova, B&M and a few other decent brands.  How is the lume? Well, it is pretty awesome as you could have thought.  I'll save that for a different post though.  

So if you are interested, I would recommend heading over to Lum-tec's website and checking these 350M's out.  The 350M series comes in the blue dial/bezel shown here, a black/black version and a yellow ring version which is sold out and a green inverted dial / black bezel, that thing glows like it's on fire.  They run $795.00 and you'll likely not see them on the secondary market for some time.  I will likely keep this one for a long time to come as I am really happy with it.