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The Seraph Duty Grade Holster

In this industry there are a million different holsters, and I have tried most of them at one point or another, including the top tier versions and the low effort versions.  When I set out to design a duty grade holster the finished product was this Seraph AIWB Duty Grade Holster from V Development Group.  This holster features true hide premium kydex material, comes with a DarkWing (an industry standard for AIWB wings), comes with 2x MOD4 DCC "Short Wing" clips with extra clamping force, two premium soft looks and a large muzzle pad.  Aside from these things, the holster itself features an open bottom design for maximum comfort, as well as specific geometry for retention.  The gun "clicks" into place every single time, no matter what.  I have personally worn a Seraph on duty for 16+ hour days, consecutively, without issue.  The rear and front sights are protected from contact, and there is a large amount of mindset considerations which went into the overall design of this holster.  If you are in the market for a "the one" AIWB holster, you'll be very hard pressed to find anything more premium or more rigorously tested to duty grade standards.  Beyond that, the previous generations of the Seraph have all been compatible with any future modifications or attachment upgrades.  So the Seraph I have from several years ago still works perfectly fine and is able to accept all the upgrades.