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There is a lot of cool stuff I've found online over the last few weeks and wanted to post it up before Black Friday as you guys may be interested enough to seek it out.

The above photo'd Mystery Ranch Saddle Peak Pack is a new release from Mystery Ranch.  Looks pretty cool and if MR is going to go with this new design as their standard away from the tri-zipper type design that may be a win.  These are slightly larger than the Urban Assault pack I've had for a while which I'll be reviewing soon, but smaller than the Scree which I am currently using.

Hamilton watch released their black chrono version of the Khaki Field Automatic.  It looks a lot like the IWC Top Gun, which is 10x more expensive but aesthetics are still there.  There is a non-chrono version which has been available for a while now, which is half the price of the new chrono.

I posted before about Mission Darkness Faraday Bags, and its something that I keep finding online which as a very legit application, privacy.  If you put your phone in one of these bags, it is not going to get signal and cannot send anything out either.  So if you're worried about the NSA spying through you on your phone, or you believe the FBI is tracking your location via GPS, this is probably a good idea to get.

Home protection, documentation and the social aspect of the Ring devices is very interesting and should be considered.  There is usually some sort of Black Friday deal on these types of devices, but even if you don't want to get the Pro version (above) there is a cheaper (almost half) which is still pretty effective.  I'd highly recommend getting some kind of video system for your home to cover your front and back area which directly connects to your phone and saves footage you can access if needed.  Now a days we are stuck in a "video or it didn't happen" type of culture and it may get more into that particular realm the more personal video surveillance becomes accessible, and necessary. 

Longines released this Heritage Military 1938 watch recently.  At 43mm and featuring their in house mechanical movement it's pretty cool.  The older watches which were very popular during the 1930-1940's are being redesigned, made slightly larger and re-released with modern movements.  This watch comes in at a modest $2400 retail, so you'll probably be able to find it for under $1500 soon, that's a steal of a price for such a watch.

George Will released a pretty detailed and thoroughly thought out book, The Conservative Sensibility.  This book is in line, and cites, other major works well known in the conservative circles, like The Conservative Mind, and The Promise of American Life.  If you missed George Will on Ben Shapiro's Podcast, you should check out the interview.

Sandisk dual USB type-c and a traditional USB connector in one device.  So you can go from your phone to your computer, and the other was around.  Gives you expanded ability with your phone or your laptop device to transfer data, videos, etc.  Just make sure you encrypt anything you put on this device that you don't want getting out there.

Samsung Space Monitor comes in two different sizes, in 4K and comes with a tilting mount for $400.  I remember when these types of setups easily cost double.  Now the name is a little bit of a misnomer, in that, it's not "Space age" it's having to do with "space" as in area.  It allows you to use a big monitor in a smaller than normal working space because it can tilt up and down.  It's also bezel-less on three sides, which means during the 2020 CES which is coming, there will be some serious releases.

Multifunctional socket set with universal socket, these used to be at home depot for around twice the cost of them currently.  The universal socket works on nearly everything without having to get a specific size of that socket.  It's good for general purpose and not meant for torquing anything serious.  There are some pretty interesting hacks with these tools so you can google them if you are interested.

Pick-up tool combo, these are about $10 or so for both and you get have some easy to carry tools to grab things in small, hard to reach areas.  These types of tools are an absolute must for most tool kits as they allow you to get to, and retrieve, small items (like small screws/springs for pistols).

6mm diamond texture work gloves, these are also good for not getting blood all over your hands.  A good pair of disposable gloves is worth their weight in gold.

Cyalume Commercial/Industrial grade green glow sticks.  They are about $1/stick, and they will last on a shelf for a few years.  Easy insurance for SHTF type situations.

Wera Tool Check Plus, a small, almost pocket sized, tool kit which lets you do a lot of things with a small package.  This kit is really small but build extremely well.  I've seen these kits in person and they are very well built.

The Echo Show 5, and those devices like it, allow you do things on-the-fly which you may not have been able to do before.  Specifically, have real-time vision of your RING system I posted about above, give you direct info on a screen and provide you a facetime/duo/etc video chat type connection as you go.  Most of all it allows you use to youtube and the computing power of google and amazon to get info immediately visually.  This is really good and come Black Friday I'll probably be getting one of these, or something bigger.

Fujifilm Instax Mini Liplay camera, is a pretty interesting modern concept of the old school Polaroids.  These have bluetooth, and a variety of new features which we wish we had back in the day.  Most of all, you can print out photos and hand them to people, that's literally priceless.  You can re-print the same photo, as it's digitally stored and the refills are about 50cents a piece, which is still fairly expensive if you look at how much Amazon Photo costs you, but still not bad in the grand scheme of things.  This would make an awesome gift for a younger child who wants to record a trip or something of that nature.

If you are looking for a set of new active-styled headphones which also provide you an awesome level of tactical awareness, the newer versions of the bone-induction headphones are probably the best available right now.  AfterShokz makes a bunch of different types of bone-induction headphones, I have used one of these for an afternoon and I can say without hesitation that they do really well for allowing you to hear things around you without allowing people around you to hear what you are listening to (on just under highest volume setting).