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Must Have EDC Items

EDC items should be specifically designed to meed, and exceed, whatever your perspective need is for that item.  When it comes to AIWB setups the Seraph AIWB Holsters are top notch.  Every single aspect of them is designed around real world application and confrontation.  I have used them on duty working non-uniformed assignments and they exceed all possible expectations.  The Seraph holsters come with "short wing" DCC clips which have extra clamping force, these are the best clips for this purpose on the market.  They also come with a DarkWing, which is designed with effective geometry to push the holster inward, forcing the grip to not protrude into the shirt, while allowing for a better grip angle and overall better performance than its predecessor the raven wing.  Also in the photo is a Gen5 Glock 19 with a taudevgroup.com SCD (full review here), this is an absolute must have for any Glock.  There is a headhunterblades.com Rat Blade, which is essentially one of the most prolific IWB carried blades on the market (review coming soon).  The Lum-tec m80 watch on vintage calf just rounds it out.