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Two quick LE UOF lessons

Do not stand opposing to a doorway with another officer.  Stack on a side, preferably whichever gives you the best angle.  L-Shape the door if feasible and possible, do not do this.  The officer in the khakis took two rounds (or at the very least one round) in the shoulder.  This is a type of thing which should be practiced whenever possible and explained to fresh boots.

This is just upsetting to watch.  Overweight female officer loses her taser when addict dude takes.  No one bats an eye and just keeps doing what they are doing - FYI if he tried to use it on an officer he should have been immediately shot.  Second overweight female officer shows up and drive-stuns him, okay that's sorta working and it's not.  Two male officers basically did nothing other than to hold onto him and hope he would go down.  Basic BJJ skills would have helped resolve this situation in about 5 seconds.