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New Flat Muzzle Pad

There is a new designed Flat Muzzle Pad available as of this post over at V Development Group.  It is a newer material which is a complete upgrade from the previous flat neoprene wedges which had a fixed use life, these are a lighter, thinner and more dense material which has been specifically chosen to provide the best current application for the end user.

The original flat neoprene wedge was about 3/4" thick and this one is about 3/8" or so.  It offers a smaller footprint because it is of a neoprene material which is denser and therefore does not need to be very thick.

As you can see the size comparison.

The Flat Muzzle Pad will now be the standard for those looking to add comfort and concealment to smaller frame holsters, holsters with a weapon mounted light and/or a holster which has a build in kydex hard wedge.  This allows for that pressure to be relieved and allows for a longer period of comfortable carry.