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Excellent Post Incident Care

This an excellent example of post OIS, on scene, care by a clearly prepared LEO.  He is looking for wounds, stopping the bleed where he sees it, threw on a chest seal and was looking for more exit wounds before the ambulance arrived.  Realistically, the best possible course of action would have been to transport the subject to the hospital themselves.  I know many PD's do not do it, but if you have a level 1 trauma ER close to you, getting there lights and sirens is probably the only way you will actually save a person's life after they've been shot.  Would highly recommend going over your PD's policies and consider the right court of action which needs to be taken in any situation.  If this was a shot LEO would you have sat there and done medical stuff?   No.  You would have transported running code.  It should be no different to the general public.

One thing I want to point out is, LEO waited to strip the male of clothing, that should be immediate after finding the easy entrance/exit wounds.