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New Muzzle Pad

If you didn't know, there is a new-to-market muzzle pad which is going to become (if it hasn't already) the new industry standard for AIWB setups.  These are slightly softer than the neoprene material used previously.  This pad can be used with any pistol, without a full size light.  From full frame to subcompact, I've tested it and it works extremely well.  The most pressure it adds the more the meat of it needs to be dropped further towards the muzzle.  The previous concepts of the wedge placement are thrown out the window with this one.  If you have a wedge which is ending it's life, I'd highly recommend getting one of these.  The life expectancy is better overall for it, I'd put it at about 1.5x the life of the neoprene wedges and comfort is definitely increased, in my opinion.