Just mere life is not victory, just mere death is not defeat.

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Sunday Evening Thoughts

Structure your day as much as possible, while leaving time and ability to move things around as you need to.  None of us live in a predictable world and we all need to be able to move stuff around, outside of your job that is, though the goal is to be able to do that as well.  Everyday you should have blocks of time sectioned off for a particular task.  You need an hour to workout, thirty minutes to write, eight hours to sleep, you can eat and check your phone at the same time, but you cannot have deep thought while doing either.  Section off time to have that deep thought, find the time to accomplish the tasks you want to be proficient in.  One of the biggest issues I have seen is that too many competent and capable people refuse to make time to develop their proficiency at things which will pay dividends in years to come.  Don't make the same mistake, find the time, make the room, start with something small and go forward with it as serious as possible.  Make the time, stop procrastinating, don't be lazy.