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SAS Operator During Kenya Hotel Attack

When everyone ran out, he ran in.  I posted on IG about this topic and how we should all look to people like this as shining examples which crush weakness of those who would not put themselves into harms way for others...

This is the shit I love to see, and it is very rarely covered if at all. In the pictures is a LONE #SAS operator who was in #Kenya during this horrific hotel, Mumbai style attack by terrorist POS's, he went to his car, put his essential kit on and got to work, doing whatever he could to save people. There are videos of him going in and out several times looking for people. Obviously it's still early in the game for info but the photos don't lie, this guy got in the fight and quickly. Notice he doesn't have the latest in crye or the coolest kit on the market. He's not even wearing a helmet. He had a single pirate patch on his backpack (which may or may not be a SEAL patch) he's wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt, no names. He ran into the fire because he knew he could help and because that's what he signed up to do. Not his country, not his people, but people. This isn't an emotional appeal, this is what bravery, heroism and courage look like. I don't want to know his name, but if I ever come across this guy in bar, he'll have a glass of whatever whiskey he drinks. Be like him, develop confidence which leads to courage, be prepared, be willing, have your tools. This is the Pinnacle of what we all train for, this is the ultimate test of you. . @vdmsr . #mindset #getinthefight · #vdmsr #tactical #weaponsdaily #pewpew #gunsbadassery #weaponsfanatics #firearms #gunsdaily #weaponsreloaded #letsgopewpew #sickguns #9mm #voodooman #556 #gun #edc #glock19 #glock #ar15
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