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Amazon Prime Day

So Amazon's PRIME Day is in full effect.  Not to be confused with Optimus Prime day, during we celebrate the fact he gave his life so that others may live.

Just some interesting things - They have 10 pages of knife deals for prime day, too many to go through but if you are looking for a cheap pocket knife, a cool steak knife or knife sharpening tools it may be worth going through the items that are for sale.

A bunch of Salomon Shoes are listed as Prime day deals, a few SpeedCross 3's and a bunch of NON-Forces footwear.  More for women than men, but if your wife/girlfriend is not wearing a pair of Salomon's you are lacking in her development.

A bunch of different Safariland Holsters are listed as Prime Day deals.  If you are in the market, probably worth a look.

Good bit of various EDC items listed as Prime Day Deals