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Sunday Evening Thoughts

Sgt. Noel Ramirez, 30, and Deputy Taylor Lindsey, 25, went into a local eatery for lunch during their shift, while eating some POS savage decided that he was going to ambush them.  After solidifying his pitiful short existence as a coward he committed suicide.  Sgt. Ramirez and Deputy Lindsey will be remembered for a very long time, just like NYPD Officer Liu and Officer Ramos who were assassinated while eating lunch inside their police vehicle.  According to the NLEOMF, so far 23 officers were killed in the line of duty by firearm in 2018, which is 64% more than the amount of officers killed by firearms this time in 2017.  We have not even gotten into the warmer months, and 2018 is gearing up to give 2008 a run for its money in terms of violence.  This is an unacceptable result of what happens when politics drives anti-law enforcement rhetoric.

It should be considered political suicide for a politician to attack the police with rhetoric, just as it is for idiot politicians who attack the military and servicemen and women.  It should completely unacceptable and the people of any given location need to lash out against against any politician, political leader, media personality or public citizen who goes out of their way to condemn law enforcement. 

This is not to say that the public should not be critical of wrong doing by LEOs.  Not at all, in fact whenever an officer does something which is wrong, especially criminal in nature, there should be recourse against that officer.  What needs to happen, however, is the rhetoric of demonizing law enforcement has to stop and instead there needs to be a certain level of respect instilled into the youth of the country. 

The areas which require the most police presence are those who seem to be the most effected and they need change the way they teach their young about the police and law enforcement.  A level of respect needs to be rebuilt in those communities first, and anyone who goes out of their way to downplay the role of the police in those areas needs to be driven out.  The fact is that through community oriented policing and the aggressiveness of officers in these areas, the benefits have been fairly apparent in most dense urban centers.  The numbers do not lie, homicides are down nationally.  This, however, will not last if certain elements within our communities continue to attack law enforcement.  The Ferguson Effect is real and those communities which are effected by it will most definitely feel it this summer.