Just mere life is not victory, just mere death is not defeat.

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Sunday Evening Thoughts

The photo with the words "Never Again" in various languages are emboldened at Dachau, a concentration murder camp, at which untold numbers of people, mostly Jews, were slaughtered for simply existing.  Every year on the 27th day of Nisan, which falls on this years evening of April 11th into April 12th, the world has a Day of Remembrance called Yom HaShoah.  I have had the privilege and responsibility of having known several US Servicemen who were part of the first soldiers to liberate Dachau, as well as, those who survived that same place, also knowing of those who did not survive. 

I have heard these stories growing up from family members and from public speakers who have recounted their personal experiences.  Once a year you should have this conversation with your kids, your family, your friends and yourself.  This is a clear marker in history and one which can never be forgotten.  There are studies which show that recently as many as 49% of millennial cannot same a single camp or ghetto.  That is not only unacceptable, but disgraceful.  Talk about it, educate yourself about it, lest we forget and repeat history.