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New Nightforce 1-8x Optics ATACR / NX8

Nightforce posted two new optics on their website.  The ATACR 1-8x24 F1 and the NX8 1-8x24 F1.  Both have first focal plane reticles with daytime visible "dots" for close in shooting.

The ATACR will have a HORUS styled reticle:

The NX8 will have a BDC style segmented horseshoe available in MIL or MOA:

You do not see a price because of reasons which only NF knows.  I assume the NX8 is part of their NXS line and will probably be in the area of $2000.  The ATACR is their premier optic line and will probably be closer to $3000.

Either way, I will probably be getting an NX8 when available from CStactical.com as they have the best prices on optics I have found anywhere.  I will post more when I know more.