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Thanksgiving 2017

All year long we give thanks to others for what they do for our society and communities.  While the story of Thanksgiving can be interpreted differently by different people, I like to consider that Thanksgiving is a time to thank your family.  They are there every single day, making sure you have a support structure and you are there to do the same for them.  Today is about family, it is about taking stock of what type of work you need to do in order to keep your family the way it is, to better it, and to create a stronger bond.  It really is not about turkey's or arguing with your in-laws about politics, although those things are fun.  It is about the bond, that natural connection you have to your kin, your blood. 

So why is there a photo of an old beat up training blade at the top of this post?  My family is one the biggest motivators I have for training, for developing skill sets which will keep me alive to go home everyday.  Training is the way, support from your family, either direct or otherwise, is part of the fuel that should drive you to that end.