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Quick thought on the LV active shooter.

The people in the crowd were not in a position to take offensive action.  Let me say that again in a different way - the people in the crowd had no way of stopping the shooter from shooting them.  We all have to train within our logical confines of preparedness while understanding that we will never be prepared for everything, accepting this and preparing for what you can is the best course, the most logical course, of action.  No CCW citizen, no LEO, no one there had the ability to effect the shooter from over 300 yards away.  Accept this as a fact, a given.  What would a pistol have done in that type of situation? How about an SBR? How about a DMR with good glass?  Are you confident, competent enough and trained enough to use that rifle with expensive glass to shoot at a man size window 300+ yards away without missing and hitting (innocent) people in other rooms while they were sleeping?  Would you even have had it with you?  No, no and definitely no.  Less dreaming out in space, more accepting the reality of the situation.

Those in the concert area could only take one type of action and that is supporting action.  Support responding LEO's, support wounded persons and all this while finding proper cover and concealment if applicable.

As support in this type of situation you should have medical items on your person at all times.  I have made numerous posts, especially around holiday/sale times in order to reinforce these concepts.  These are real concepts which work to save lives, even by an untrained person.  You do not need advanced medical training to properly apply a tourniquet, a pressure bandage, a chest seal or even hemostatic gauze to a wounded person.  How many lives would have been saved if one out of ten people there had a tourniquet on their person?  One out of a hundred even?  How about other trauma items?

If you are reading this then you are not someone who walks through life in a daze, you are more than likely training and thinking about proper implementation of tools, not just for yourself but for others as well.  You probably carry at least one tourniquet on your person most of the time.  You should have more in your vehicle.  You should have a full trauma medical kit in your vehicle, in every single vehicle you have in fact.  Your significant other should know how to put on a tourniquet, in fact it should part of regular training for you and your family.  Your kids (if applicable) should have one in their school bags and should know how to put them on.  You should have hemostatic gauze readily available.  This is your job as a support.  This is your job as a responsible armed citizen.  This is your job as an American.  This is all stuff you should be carrying at all times in various ways.  

Before the doubts and excuses start - TSA does not stop or confiscate medical equipment during travel.  You can fly with all the things listed above.  You can keep them secure in a waterproof pouch and have them with you in case of an emergency.  

This is your responsibility to be equipped with the proper tools to handle the situation which arises.  

We are all responsible for our ignorance, now that you know, hold yourself accountable.