Gen5 Glock Ameriglo BOLD Front Sight

Did you get a chance to pick up the FBI or BOLD Ameriglo Sights when I posted the links? If you did, awesome, I want to hear your opinions on them.  If you did not, do not worry they come as an option on Gen5 Glock's available now.  I have been running the Ameriglo BOLD and FBI contract sights for some time now, well used and abused.  There will be a full review of both coming up soon (probably by the end of this week) so keep an eye out for that.  If you are on the fence, between the Ameriglo's and HD XR's do yourself a favor and buy the Ameriglo's.


  1. I out a set on my glock 19, I have a form of colorblindness and was unsure of how the orange was going to work for me. (I am a fan of yellow)

    But man, anywhere in the daylight the orange POPS!

    I'm really liking it. The NS work fantastic and even in that awkward evening light it works great!


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