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TD Carlos Ray 2.1 Pants - Feature Analysis

So I posted about Tactical Distributors and how I will be doing some reviewing and whatnot with purposefully picked items.  Right now, as I posted previously, TD is having a deal on their Carlos Ray 2.1 Pants, buy two get one free.  You should get these pants, but before you do, read this whole post as it has my initial impressions.

First and foremost, you would be on the path to being worthy, as before I put these pants on I could only barely lift mjolnir, of course the Vintage Thor t-shirt helps a lot.

The center logo patch is actually a pocket, its deep enough you can keep a folded up $100 bill or something of that nature, I keep a handcuff key in mine (as should you).

You can put a PHLster flatpack with a tourniquet, equipped with red pull tabs completely into one of the lower leg pockets behind the knees.

Knees are articulated both front and back, so you have two different articulation stitches.

The belt loops are pretty sturdy and hold the Megingjord Belt pretty well.  It also has a loop patch which you can run the belt through and put patches on it or whatever else you want to.  Interesting concept I have to play around with.

Double rear pockets.  These are very similar in design to the 5.11 Apex Pants, which I like very much.  As you can see I can keep a Streamlight Protac HL USB and 20+ magazine backup magazine in the pocket easily and comfortably.  Easy to deploy either one on the go.

The front two pockets are very generous, keeping a fixed blade in them isn't difficult and works well.

My only "issue" is that the zipper keeps coming down when I start doing anything other than normal standing/walking/sitting.  This could be because I am extraordinarily well endowed or because I have to wear my pants a little tighter.

The pants are made of a stretch, comfortable, material and have a gusset (which is one my #1 requirements) for everyday pants.  They are not hipster cut like some Arc'teryx pants, they also active moment while allowing you to carry a bunch of stuff comfortably.  At this point I'd recommend them for daily CCW and they are not "tacticool" looking.  Check them out over at Tactical Distributors.