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Steel plate drill

Second part of a steel plate drill. Next time I'm going to run this with a 6" plate. 

Re-uploaded- IG seems to be having issues Second part of a steel plate shooting drill. 8" round steel plate, running out to 50ish yards and then back at 5 yard increments. This video only shows running forwards towards the plate, back. Whole drill took about 78.xx seconds. Notice at around the 40-35 area I had to move the front sight up and down above and below the target to see where the impacts were? This is absolutely necessary with any carried pistol. You have to know where you need to aim and what your hold is for what distance you are shooting at. Running @ameriglosights #TCAP front .123 and #BOLD rears to see how they work together. @taudevgroup #SCD #thegadgetalways on my #aiwb pistols. @arachnigrip#thinblueline #gripartpanel helping with the pinch grip racking. Always test yourself. #range #drills #shooting #pew #glock#timer #steel

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