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Massdrop stuff

Saw these in an email today and knew that those reading this site would be interested.  Yes you have to signup using this link to see the deals, yes I may get something tangible if enough people sign up.  

CRKT Eros Large by Ken Onion

Massdrop has it for $37.99 + Shipping, same blade on Amazon is $47.16 Prime.

Mcusta MC-3 Classic Damascus Folders

Massdrop has these for $129.99 + Shipping on the standard blade ($16 more for the more exquisite blades) while Amazon has only one of the blades for $169.94, non-prime.  Everyone likes damascus right?
Oakley Carbon Shift Sunglasses

Massdrop has them for $99.99 + Shipping and they are $199.95+ on Amazon.
Darn Tough Steely Socks - 2 Pack

Mass drop has them for $29.99 + Shipping or $45+ on Amazon