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Gen 5 Glock 19 Internal Parts Overview

Yesterday I posted a very quick and dirty external comparison of the last three generations of Glock 19.  I want to cover some of the internal considerations of the new Gen 5 and will use this post to point out various things as I use this 19 in training.

Gen 5 Lower parts disassembled (other than the slide lock/spring)

"." or Dot connector same as the Gen4 which puts the trigger in the 4.5-5.5lb area.  Though I believe it is slightly lighter than 5.0lb just comparing the Gen4 vs. Gen5 without any scientific measuring tool.

Ambi-Slide Stop Lever - Not "slide catch" it is designed to stop the slide.  The left side makes contact before the right side.  Both stick out a little bit more than Gen4's or Gen3's.  Addition of spring to the front end removes the need for an additional pin (or so it seems).

Two pins, larger up front and thinner/smaller in the rear - nothing much to report here other than "yep, they are pins that work."

Locking Block slightly changed but not very much.

Trigger with trigger bar.  Bar is heftier, no more little hole at the rear for the trigger spring, they changed the design to mimic the 43 and a few bits of geometry were changed.

But that smooth trigger face though...

The trigger mechanism housing also has slight changes and various geometrical things done differently.  


Well, that is certainly new.  Those two holes are for the Trigger Spring / connecting rod.  They are NOT meant to be removed or messed with any way.  If you need an NY1/2 styled trigger weight for some reason, please, talk to a certified armorer and they will tell you to not touch it.  Can it be removed? Yeah, just push it out, but do not actually do that, there is no reason you need to do this for maintenance or even a full stripping.  

You do not need to because the below to photos show the trigger spring/conntector connector (because you connect the trigger connector to the trigger bar connector).  You can get a brush in there no problem and/or some compressed air.  

The metal lip you can see is where you stick the top of the trigger bar crusiform into to connect it, like I said, no more little spring hole thing to mess up the direction of install or whatnot.

As you can see below, the trigger bar is connected into the trigger spring and held in place by the trigger connector.  Connect the connector to the connector.

Side profile.

"but is it metal lined?" Yes.  As you can clearly see there is metal under the plastic.  I do not know if its cracked like that from the factory or mine is defective, nor do I care, I will still beat the crap out of it.

So stay tuned...