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Scammer alert - US Tactical Depot - tacticaldepotonline.com

May 13th of this year I saw a deal which was really good, almost too good to be true.  For a pair of Oakley SI Industrial M Frame 2.0 for only $59.99 shipped.  In case you are wondering how much they normally cost, this is less than half of their normal price from most places.  I ended up ordering a set and then waited.  Two weeks went by and not a peep, I emailed them and got a response from a Tyler Eastland who said they had more purchases than they had stock and were waiting on their supplier to come through with a delivery.  Ok, no problem I know how that works.

A few weeks went by and I decided to send another email.  The response was something along the lines of them expecting the shipment any moment now and that all backordered items will be expedited shipping to make up for the time delay.  Ok, no problem, lets give it a few more weeks.  A month goes by and then I sent another email, only this time I got zero response.  A week went by and I sent another email, again, zero response.

During this time I spoke with several members on various online forums/social media/etc and they were having the same issue.  I decided it was time to open up a Paypal dispute and today I got the notification that payment was reversed.  The other members I posted about also opened up disputes. 

So stay as far away from these scammers - https://www.tacticaldepotonline.com/ - https://www.instagram.com/ustacticaldepot/ - Tyler Eastland - US Tactical Depot - Tactical Depot Online - or any other combination of such names = SCAM.

Thankfully paypal does these resolutions fairly well and I knew before ordering that paypal would have my back if it never ships (or if it was fake).