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CQB Combatives...or not.

I do not normally post videos and make fun of them.  I do, however, like to point out weird stuff that will probably get the average person killed if attempting.  Just watch this short, super cool looking video, of ninja's doing CQB (without body armor or reloads) and their magic ninja techniques.

Play by play:

0:01 Isn't that an intro to True Detective Season 2?
0:05 Rifle with the largest flashlight ever and foregrip, actually gripped.
0:15 You expect a guy to comply with your commands who has a rifle? Commands which you are giving from out in the open and not behind cover?
0:20 Reactionary Gap fail - these guys want to teach combatives but do not understand reactionary gap?
0:30 Worst room entry, ever.
0:34 The badguy, apparently, is Jet Li or Jackie Chan.
0:39 Holy Shit is that a Shield Elbow?? Bet they were taught that by Bill Rapier.
0:41 So the black ninja draws his gun and does not shoot, but better yet, he put his non-gun hand directly in front of his retention positioned pistol?
0:49 Keeps light on the entire time and still the worst CQB room clearing ninja ever.
0:55 So guy uses his magazine to throw the brown/fde (tan?) ninja onto a well placed mat.
1:01 All this CQB action going on, gun shots and choppers everywhere, black ninja dude is just gana stand there for no apparent reason.
1:03 Tan ninja guy knows shield elbow too.
1:07 Tan ninja guy punches black ninja dude in the thigh.  Because the balls are definitely no go zones in ninja on ninja combat.
1:11 Surprise! Got your gun! How? Do not know, did not see him touch it (or defeat retention)
1:12 Tan ninja guy has honor apparently (no nut punch) and does not immediately shoot this guy who he was attempting to disarm not 11 seconds ago.
1:17 That is perfectly OK though, since black ninja guy walks around IDF style without a round in the chamber for this very reason.  He is also a disciple of Steven Segal with that pistol disarm.  No wonder it worked though, no round in the chamber.

Seriously though, this is a Slovanian company called UF PRO and they have a bunch of cool looking videos which probably cost them a small C rated brazzers budget in camera and lightening equipment.  Apparently they sell all the clothing in these videos, which is probably pretty cool and tacticool looking, if you are into that type of thing.  If you are looking to do real world combatives, taught by people who actually understand how this stuff works and how these types of contacts usually go check out Bill Rapier at American Tactical Shooting Instruction and find a Sayoc Kali class to learn how to fight way better than any of these guys.

Ohh, before I forget, the complete lack of blade application here is shows instantly that these guys are not into real world application of combatives (to anyone who knows).