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Synergy360 Tactical Throw Light

I picked up this Synergy360 "Street Cop Special" tactical throw light this past week.  It has a bunch of various modes and settings.  This one is designed for the street officer who is on patrol and has to conduct vehicle stops as well clear buildings - the front line LEO who is most likely to be the first responding officer.  This light offers the unique ability to be placed on a windshield during a vehicle investigation to illuminate the interior compartment.  As this is something I do numerous times on a regular basis, especially after dark I figured I would give it a shot.  It is also designed to be a "throw light" as in if you are going to be clearing a room you can throw it into the middle of the room and the light will automatically sense the orientation and illuminate the room from LEDs on the unit.  There have been other products which seem to do something similar but not to the level this seems to be capable of.  As always I want to put it through real life application of daily hard duty use and I will report back with my personal experiences.  I will also do a full review once my assessment is completed.