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Magpul Glock 17 Gen3 Magwell

I pre-ordered all the different versions of the new Magpul Glock magwells and the G17 Gen3 magwell came in first.

The magwell is not metal, it is plastic.  Not flimsy plastic but definitely not the hardness of the Zev Pro I have.

The only metal part is the brass looking screw retention insert and the screw itself.  The screw is pretty tiny but that was by design.

Typical magwell install, goes into the plug area.

The small screw goes into the rear grip hole and is flush when tightened - I like this.

Obvious feature which seems to be disregarded by many companies is the rear of the mag can still be grabbed.  This is not common for most magwells I have seen (like the Zev and ALG).

The fact it is pretty low profile and offers much of the same characteristics for a full size Glock 17 makes me want to try it on my duty 17.  I will mess with it and report back as needed with updates.