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Magpul AR15 Enhanced Magazine Release

Magpul released this enhanced mag release button along with several other items, like the Glock magwell I posted about yesterday.

It is definitely larger and more robust than the OEM mag release usually found in LPK's.

It is a direct replacement for the mag release button, you just screw off your old button (or never install it on in the first place if you have this).  You install their button into place, with the magazine release screw slightly protruding from the button (like half a rotation).  Then you attach the enhanced button with the two provided hex screws with yellow loctite pre applied.  No need to torque just hand tighten.

I put it on my .300blk pistol build.  Figured it would be a nice addition.  I am considering putting it on all my AR's as it's cheap and better than most OEM versions.  Magpul hit another one out of the park.