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Glock 43 ETS Magazines + Seraph

I picked up the 9 round and 12 round ETS Group Glock 43 magazines which were released the other week (along with their tritium coupling AR15 magazine).  I have a few different capacity ETS Group 9mm Glock magazines and they seem to working well so far - other than one issue with the 15 round Glock 19 magazine.  I decided as I will be running this little 43 hard over the next few months I wanted to get extra mags to help easy the work and add to carry capacity.

The VDevGroup Seraph is always my go to AIWB holster for Glocks, this one in particular has a prototype minimal wedge we are working on for smaller framed Glocks and other things you'll just have to wait patiently to find out about.  This Glock 43 Seraph is not yet up on the store but it will be once we hammer out some fine details.  

As you can see the OEM Glock 43 magazine with the pink extension is slightly shorter than the 9 round magazine.  If you look closely you will see a line on the ETS magazines towards the bottom where the plastic is stepped, that is where the edge of the grip is.  Interesting idea, wish they actually did something useful with it other than just added a slightly thicker end piece to the material.  Maybe next time mold a grip into it?  It may look weird but function first...