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Feature Analysis / Product Update - Seraph AIWB / IWB Holster

This is an update to the previous posting about the features of the Seraph Holster AIWB / IWB Holster and will supercede it.

The Seraph Holster has evolved, slightly.  We take every step in modification is extremely carefully and with a lot of serious consideration.  One specific aspect has been thoroughly considered and then evolved through real world use.

After a good bit of end-user feedback through real world use and application of the Seraph holster system, it was determined that the bottom, muzzle end, of the Seraph line of holsters needs to be open.  This will accommodate a few different types of pistols, accessories and type of application.

We have received a lot of end user requests for the bottom end opening due to CQB related issues which rendered the closed bottom version of the Seraph unusable.  Specifically in closed quarters, retention shooting, vehicle based pistol deployment from the holster.  

The new version (and standard from here on out) will allow for the addition of a threaded barrel attached to any pistol in any combination of pistol/barrel length combinations.  Meaning that if you have a Glock 17 Seraph holster and have a Glock 26 with a TBRCi micro comp or KKM Comp, you can run it in this holster, as you can with a Glock 19 with a compensator or threaded barrel.  Even a Glock 34, though it is suggested that you get a holster which will cover the front sight post completely.  

The entire line of Seraphs will have this open bottom end, including the Optic cut versions.  A Glock 19 with a TBRCi micro comp fits snuggly and only slightly exposes the comp past the holster end.

The Glock 43 holster will have the open bottom end as well which can accommodate threaded barrels, a very micro comp.  

With the open bottom standard, all holsters will only be available with one of the premium neoprene wedges.  Meaning that the only way to get just a holster will be to email info@vdevgru.com and see if one is available.  This is because with the removal of the rounded bottom, the holster will not be as comfortable without a wedge, as such it has to be standard equipment.  

After much consideration and weighing numerous factors, we have decided to stay with a local PA holster company DarkStarGear.com which is one of the best in the industry.  The Seraph is an exclusive design from DarkStarGear with specific design changes to meet V Development Group's mission and purpose.  V Development Group will be the only place to get this exclusive version which will only be made in limited runs in premium Raptor material.